What is WordPress?

WordPress is ‘THE’ platform for Content Management System(CMS) as it is widely used by almost 70% of users from various domains, be it to create a simple blog or to run a big enterprise/ data system.

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, its cost-effective in a client’s perspective. It also has numerous plugins and user-friendly themes that could be customised to suit your business.


Why Us?

Our WordPress professional team could develop a responsive customised site which makes your page/system a unique model in the Internet and making it a hit for your customers. We prove our trade skills by designing and developing the content in such a way that it passes on Google Analytics as a success.

Our Services

 Currently, we offer the following services in WordPress:


  • Customised Plugin Development
  • Customised Theme Development
  • Data migration to WordPress
  • Conversion from PSD to WordPress
  • WordPress Upgradation to latest version
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • Support and Maintenance

WooCommerce Integration with WordPress:

We recommend using WooCommerce if you have an online store website as it is one of the most popular e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce can build a complete eCommerce platform, that supports selling all kinds of products with an additional advantage of adding/modifying several other compatible plugins to extend your webstore. It is the go-to tool for enhancing customer relationships, for allowing memberships or subscriptions to your web portal and for inventory tracking.

TechiesAround for WooCommerce:

We have the perfect experienced team to integrate WordPress with WooCommerce, thereby making your website and webstore work rhythmically without any disruption. We could help you create your online store right from the scratch or also customise and improve your current store in order to obtain maximum customer reach in the marketplace.

Are you on a time crunch?

Leave us a message and we will get back to you with a prompt reply in less than 12 hours.