We Discover, Design & Deliver !

Working around the clock, to achieve your goals and ours! We provide you with our finest web services and products.



We excel in the e-Commerce platform transforming your visions and simple thoughts into a well-orchestrated perfect online store. Our Magento experts have instant solutions to all your needs keeping track of your business development and its perfection. We do provide maintenance and support for a constant growth.


Our Customer Relationship Management(CRM) professional team have implemented various projects using Salesforce, vTiger, Zoho, Suite CRM etc. by rendering a proper communication channel for the businesses to connect with their customers, and thereby, improving productivity, in terms of time and value.


Content Management System(CMS) is an essential integral in handling data,whether it is a simple website or a more complex eCommerce application.Using WordPress technology, our qualified team could make your life much better by customizing solutions to suit your business needs.

Web Design

We have skilled Web Designers at your disposal for designing from scratch and also for beautifying your web pages. We take pride in our design works as it is always unique and always on par with the latest design technologies. Our creations are user friendly, interactive and most important of all, responsive.


We provide our clients a system with a service-oriented architecture(SOA) and its finest integrations that unifies and collaborates with one another to add more value.  This would enhance the performance and create a full outreach fulfilling all their needs in one system.

Mobile Applications

We take pride in building innovative and robust mobile applications wherein, our responsive mobile designs and dynamic applications are a hit among our customers, making them as happy long-term clients.We have various approaches to monetize mobile applications.

Digital Marketing

We know the key ingredients for a successful digital marketing strategy such as search engine optimisation(SEO), advertising and optimisation with Google Analytics etc. We also have expertise in Market Automation.  We share our pioneering ideas to empower enterprises in yielding great revenue within a short span of time with such technology advancements.

Internet of Things(IoT)

We have successfully implemented a few Internet of Things(IoT) services for our clients and  have constantly upgraded their features for enhancement and better functionality. IoT is one of the chic services offered in today’s world to simplify and personalise your physical entities to be controlled as a network.

Dedicated Hiring

We provide a perfect and tension-free opportunity to handle your business with a dedicated expert team at your service handling all your affairs offshore. Our clients would have a complete control on the team and we would be there at your disposal 24/7. Your very own IT development center is just one click away!


To deliver optimal solutions at affordable costs keeping the clients around the globe happy with the work of our techies around the clock.

To bring our tech-savvy customers a complete package of all the latest technology and products within their reach.

Why Us?

Goal-Oriented :

We always have clear and thorough understanding of our customers’ business requirements and provide the best possible solution to them  that are fresh and tailor-made just for them, thereby, differentiating them from the rest of the world with a quality branding of our TechiesAround’s works.

On-time Delivery :

We prove our dedication to our clients by delivering our projects on-time every time. We achieve this with on-the-dot perfection and with no bargain on the product’s or service’s efficiency meeting all your demands and even more

Excellent Communication :

We always establish efficient and speedy communication with our clients throughout the entire process from day one at any  chosen hours  suitable to our clients no matter which part of the world they are in because our TechiesAround techies work around the clock. We even provide them with a FREE one month support post-delivery for our services & products.