Mobile App

Mobile application development for handheld devices is a high demand market the past few years as the world is dominated by mobiles and tablets by all generations. It is a completely user-friendly technique in which the websites would adapt to the size of a user’s screen. Responsive design for websites will optimize this by creating a flexible and adaptable web page.

Push Notifications

The “Push Notification” feature helps to remind the clients about any offers or interactive services of your business that will keep them hooked into your application via their handheld devices, even when they were not actually planning to access it at that time.

Better understanding

Mobile apps with its high speed access provides a better interface for the clients. This could help you understand your clients’ favourites and the not-so-popular ones just by tracking the page navigation on your application. This would help you to think of ways to make the less popular ones more marketable and to keep the high demand ones on track.

Business Popularity

Mobile applications creates a more recognizable popularity for your products/services among the users as it is on par with the current trend in a cost-effective way. Also, the clients will be updated constantly on what’s new which motivates them to go with new collections/upgrades.

Why Us?

At TechiesAround, we offer mobility solutions for major mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others. We enrich your business with quality mobile applications that helps in improving your customer relationships, revenue and profits all in one go. We could provide you with the perfect mobile tech strategy that will make you one step ahead of your competitor.

Our Services

We provide the following mobility services for our clients:

  • Business Mobile Applications
  • iPhone Mobile Applications
  • Android Mobile Applications
  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • Porting web applications to mobile platforms

Are you on a time crunch?

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